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What the ILE Program Seeks to Prove

Michael Medland   |  07 Feb 2018  |  24 comments  

The ILE Program uses two types of patterns to teach sounds and to assess their initial learning: Modeling (demonstrating) and matching-to-sample (assessing learning). These patterns are also dependent on the way in which babies control the program. As indicated on the What the ILE Looks Like page of ThinkingBabies.Org.....

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Where Your Baby’s Language Starts

Michael Medland   |  28 Jan 2018  |  08 comments  

Teaching babies to simultaneously read and speak begins with an introduction to the 44 sounds of English. These are the “atoms” or “primitives” of English because they must be connected to each other to achieve a “meaning.” As words these sounds point to something in reality. As every teacher and learner of English realizes, there are....

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6 Reasons Why Child Language Experts Can’t Help Your Baby

Michael Medland   |  03 Jan 2018  |  12 comments  

Why have baby and early childhood psychologists failed to ask the question, “Can babies and very young children learn to simultaneously speak, read, and think starting shortly after birth?” These experts, like the ILE program, agree that babies (i.e. an infant from 0 to 1 year) come ready to learn and that what they learn are the patterns......

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ThinkingBabies.org: An introduction

Michael Medland   |  07 Oct 2017   |  18 comments  

This is the first blog post from the ThinkingBabies.org site. This site is devoted to Infant Learning in general and the Infant Learning Environment Program in particular. The Infant Learning Environment (ILE) Program is a computer-based simulation that seeks to teach infants to simultaneously speak, read, and think....

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