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Inventing an Infant Learning Environment (PDF book)

This book describes a functional prototype of an infant learning environment (ILE) simulation. As a research project, it seeks to find an initial answer to the following question:

Can a learning environment simultaneously accelerate infants' speaking, reading, and thinking in English, starting at about three months of age?

To provide an answer, this book is divided into three sections. The first provides the foundations on which the answers to the above question rest. These are the assumptions and design guidelines that are outlined in Chapters 1 and 2. The second provides the structures of English verbal behavior. Chapters 3 through 6 present those English structures that are another view of what “language” is and does. This view makes it possible to identify and structure early content and guide the instructional design of the simulation. The final section examines the components of the simulation itself. It explains the “how” of the simulation, for example: How can infants take control of the simulation from their first interaction with it? How can researchers investigate a range of questions related to the evolution of language within a controlled environment? How can the simulation’s content be expanded and optimized? How can caregivers participate in and supplement the simulation? And how can the infant learning environment imitate the social environment in a systematic way; thereby, streamlining researchers’ work and enabling caregivers to build strong, lasting relationships with the children in their care?

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Chapter 8 provides a set of 23 SWF animations that show what infants see and do to move the simulation forward. These animations allow the reader to perform as the infant does. To view these SWF animations, the reader will need to download the PDF file and use a mouse to run them. These animations are NOT accessible reading document online, but ony by downloading and opening in PDF reader like Adobe Reader DC. You will also need to have a SWF player for your system. If you do not have one installed in your browser, you can go to: Adobe Flash Player site and download one for your system's browser, which works in Reader DC.

Reading & Spelling Color Code

This document identifies first level of English verbal behavior, its sounds. It color codes the sounds so that the highly chaotic spelling of English is regularized (one sound for one symbol or connected symbols). The document is designed to be enlarged and placed on a wall for study and meditation. There is a classroom form that presents the sounds on a single line so that alternate spellings of the sounds can be added beneath the most used spelling of the sound as they are learned. Contact the author for this one.

The Elements & Work Of Verbal Behavior

This document covers 2 of the four levels of English verbal behavior, its elements and the work they perform. The graphic is designed to be enlarged, placed on a wall and looked at. For older children it is a good guide to help explain what is to be done and what has been done.

Self Management Strategies

This PDF graphic presents the entire Self-Management Strategy System. It includes all the steps and thinking involved in Self-Management in Inventing an Infant Learning Environment and on the www.michaelmedland.com site. Like the other graphics, it is designed to be enlarged, hung on a wall, studied, and referred to while teaching or stuck on a problem of how to move forward on a problem.

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